Sky Spa Plaza
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Day Spa includes access to Sky Gym, fresh fruit, sauna, footbath,
borrowed bathrobe, towel and slippers.

​​Entrance fee,

Weekdays/Weekends: 195/225 SEK per person
Prices for children 3-13 years: 95 SEK per person

​Prices för Hotel guests
Weekdays/Weekends: 95/125 SEK per person
Prices for children 3-13 years: 50 SEK per person

Slow down and luxuriate in some “me-time” with a relaxing massage, an invigorating body treatment,
or a cleansing facial mask. More information about treatments and prices are on our website.
We use products by Exuviance, Maria Åkerberg and Nannic, which are also available for purchase here.
If you book a treatment, free access to our spa area is included in the price.

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Sky Spa Lounge is an calm oasis in the city centre, there are saunas, steam sauna,
treatments and a lovely wiew over the sea Mälaren.
Come for enjoyable after-work drinks with friends, or for an unforgettable weekend…



Behandlingen startar med en helkroppspeeling med doft av lavendel som efterföljs av en helkroppmassage med varm lavendelolja och varma stenar.


Händer och fötter

Behandlingen börjar med ett härligt fotbad, därefter fotanalys. Naglarna görs fina och slipas ner. Förhårdnader tas bort. Fötterna filas därefter mjuka och lena. Behandlingen avslutas med en skön fotmassage.

Boka din behandling redan idag